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Contact Details & Booking Form

Phoenix Lodge
91 Dunmow Road
Bishop's Stortford
United Kingdom
CM23 5HF

m:  +44 (0)7956173031
t:  +44 (0)1279 659780
f:  +44 (0)1279 323958

To reserve the room(s) all bookings must include expected time of arrival, expected time of departure, mobile telephone number and credit card details including expiry date. However, when you arrive you can pay by any method.

If you don't feel comfortable sending your credit card details by email then either call us personally and ask for Mr Hamid Zafar or fax us the details.

NB: We do not reserve rooms without credit card details.

Many Thanks

Booking Form
Please do not use this form to send credit/debit card details
Please complete this form and then click
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